This guide will assist you through the process of installing DynMap.

You can install DynMap from Spigot here (

Upload the files to your plugin folder and restart your server.

Once the server has been restarted you will find a folder in the Plugins folder called dynmap inside this folder is a file named Configuration.txt

In the configuration find and replace these configurations:
deftemplatesuffix = lowres

Select 4 digit port over 1024
server-port = YourPortHere

img-format = jpg

Once set save the file and head to your console and restart your server.

When your server has been started enter this command in your console dynmap fullres world (or replace "world" with your world's name)

At the moment we do not have a way for you to add the port yourselves, you will need to create a ticket in your client area and request for the DynMap port to be added to your server.

Once you have finished all these instructions and the port has been added by us you will be able to view your DynMap by entering the IP:Port in your browser.
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