Hello! In this help desk article, I will give you instructions on how to get your Garry's Mod server to be a Star Wars Roleplay server. In this Article, I will go over how to change your game mode to StarwarsRP, how to make jobs for your StarwarsRP server, how to make category's for the jobs on your server, and some useful tips regarding the starwarsrp server! Lets get into this.

How to make the StarwarsRP Gamemode

Please make sure your server is marked as "OFF" Through out this process

Firstly, you are going to want to go to the mod manager, and click the "DarkRP" Gamemode. And then you are going to want to click the "DarkRP Modifications" addon as well.

I would recommend also getting some addons like Utime, and ULX and ULIB. If you are planning on using database, get the mysql stuff as well!
Next, you are going to want to go to your file manager, go to garrysmod, and go to gamemodes. Here there is a few things too do.
2a. Change the file name to "starwarsrp" all lowercase
2b. Go into the folder, and go to "darkrp.txt". Change that name to "starwarsrp.txt"
2c. Go inside that text file. You will need to change two things. On line one, it will say "darkrp", change that to "starwarsrp". On line three, it will say "darkrp" in the title area, change that to "starwarsrp". After that, just save it and you are done with that!

Please do not edit any of the other files! It could break DarkRP as a whole! Leave the rest of the gamemode alone!

Setting up your DarkRP Modification

Next, you are going to want to go to the addons. you can find it at /home/container/garrysmod/addons/. Go to the one titled "darkrpmodification-master". After you go into this file, go to lua, and then darkrp_config. Next, you are going to want to go into "disabled_defaults.lua" You are going to want to disable all the default jobs, weapons, entities, and shipments. To disable them, set the value to "true".

Some useful information

Now that we have disabled all the default stuff that comes with darkrp, we are going to want to go back to home/container/garrysmod/addons/darkrpmodification-master/lua/, and go to the one titled "darkrp_customthings" once in that folder, we are going to want to go to the file called "jobs.lua". In this file, you can put in your custom jobs. I would personally recommend using Csite Job Generator for jobs, and Csite Category Generator for category's. You can find the category's file in the same place, and the file is called "categorys.lua". Now that we are done, feel free to turn back on your server!

Please make sure you have Cstike installed on your server to prevent errors!

Well, that is all I got for you! If you need further support on this topic, feel free to make a support ticket!

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