Before beginning the process, turn your server OFF to prevent download and install issues.

Installing CSS Content & Mounting It

When you first load up your server and join ingame, you'll likely find your chatbox spammed with a warning about mounting CSS Content on your server. It's reccomended to install this content to avoid bugs and visual errors as a result of not mounting it.

To begin navigate to the Mod Manager:

Find CSS Content under Game Content and click 'Install'

Allow a few moments for the download to complete, navigate to your file manager, and enter your /garrysmod/ directory and look for the following folder:

Enter the folder and you'll see the following files:

Click the dropdown menu icon beside Materials and click ' Move '

Copy the move location below:

Repeat for each item cstrike/materials

Click on File Management on the left hand side of the panel to return to the /home/container/ directory, and you should see the new cstrike folder.

Navigating inside, you should see the following if successful:

Now that css has been downloaded, we need to mount it to the server. Navigate to /garrysmod/cfg/mount.cfg and open it:

Copy the following and make sure your mount.cfg looks like this:
"cstrike" "/home/container/cstrike"


Save the file, and start your server. You should see the following in your server console during startup:

If all steps have been followed correctly CSS will now be mounted!
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