In general, having backups of anything is a good policy and does wonders for reducing downtime or reversing some nasty damage. By creating a server backup, you can save a copy of your server in it's entirety and load it at will.

To begin, navigate to your game panel and locate the 'VAULT' tab:

Once inside, you should see the following screen (Ignore my personal backup):

Click 'Create New' and you'll be warned that your server will stop and a backup will made. Click 'Okay'.

You'll be asked to name your backup, name it whatever you wish. Your server will stop and the backup will begin.

After 5-15 minutes depending on your server's size the backup will be complete. After navigating back to Vault, you'll see your backup. Here you can download a copy for your own storage (reccomended), Restore your server to the backup, or delete the backup.
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