Clearing your Garry's Mod server's disk space

You may be encountering some storage space issues. Thankfully there are some simple steps you can take for optimising your storage capacity and clearing out unnecessary clutter. The majority of storage being taken up unnecessarily is often due to 'addons'. With servers ever growing and consistently changing this includes the 'content pack' (steam workshop collection) and any data on the server 'cache' (Data that is used often that is saved to have better loading times. By cleaning your servers storage following these simple steps we can guarantee you optimising your server's storage space and optimising it. We recommend you do this on a monthly bases at the least in order to keep server storage capacity minimal.

Cleaning out 'cached' 'addons'.

This quick and simple list of instructions will support you in optimising and cleaning your server's storage.
Let's get started:

Do not edit the state of server files while the server is in operation it can cause severe damage.

Go to your game panel & stop your server. Ensure that the server has come to a complete stop before editing any files.
Open the server's 'File Manager' by clicking on the 'Server Management' tab and then proceeding by clicking on 'File Manager'.
Navigate to: /home/container/ if you aren't already focused on this directory.
Search for the folder named "steam_cache".
Once discovered proceed to remove (Delete) the folder as a whole.
This will remove any current data from the 'content pack' and any that has been leftover during the duration of the server.
Next, navigate to the 'garrysmod' folder then search for the folder named 'cache'.
Proceed by removing the folder as a whole with the same method utilised in order to remove the 'steam_cache' folder.
Start your server and wait patiently for your addons to re-download and extract.

Your server should now have optimised storage and some more capacity to work with, these instructions has now taught you how to clear the cache and clean server storage.

We hope this was helpful. Any questions feel free to contact our support staff through live chat.
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